Spirulina (100 capsules/500mg)
Spirulina (100 capsules/500mg)
Spirulina (100 capsules/500mg)
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Product Description
Spirulina, also called blue green algae, may assist blood circulation, maintain health of capillaries and help restore good health. It also helps the skin to get the nutrients it needs to give it a more beautiful complexion.

Spirulina (organic) Spirulina is a blue green micro-algae that grows in alkaline water. It was discovered early by man as a nutritious food. Spirulina is recognized today by scientists for its remarkable protein, vitamin and mineral qualities. It is consumed in Europe, Japan, Mexico, and the U.S. and many other countries, but is still a relatively scarce commodity.

An extraordinary quality of spirulina is the plant?s high digestibility coefficient of 84%. Thus, spirulina?s vast array of nutrients become readily accessible for easy assimilation by the human body.

Spirulina is especially significant for its vitamin B complex. 100 grams of dry spirulina contain among other natural vitamins 200 mcg of B-12, 19 mg of vitamin E, 40 mcg of vitamin H, 4 mg of vitamin B-2 and 300 mcg of vitamin B-6. Spirulina is also rich in carotenoids, including beta carotene with converts to vitamin A. Spirulina contains the full range of essential amino acids as well as non-essential amino acids. Conversely, the plant is low in fat content, cholesterol and sodium. Many people find it effective as a natural appetite suppressant.

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