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BioGate USA, a Seattle based company started with a group of people with diverse background including businessmen, biological and clinical scientists.

The founders of the BioGate posses own patents and technology. We are trying to expedite commercialization process of newly developed technology and products.

With rich R&D and marketing experience the company is also in investing in research and development of new biotech projects such as new diagnostic kit, as well as formulate and manufacture nutritional supplement and alternative medicine products.

Currently, two patents are pending and under development:

Patent: Method and apparatus to increase the public hygiene behavior. USA 2010

Patent: A Novel technology to increase the sensitivity and shorten the test turnaround time for TB diagnosis. China 2007

To learn more about our investment project, please contact us:

1205 S. Jackson St. Seattle, WA 98144 Email: Tel: 206-778-8496