MaxMan (Boliwei 2G YY-PRO)
MaxMan (Boliwei 2G YY-PRO)
MaxMan (Boliwei 2G YY-PRO)
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Product Description
This product is formulated for men based on the previous YY-PRO, made from non-hormonal, well-known Chinese herbal plant extracts only No chemicals or drugs of any kind are used. According to the developer, MaxMan products are safe and effective. In studies and experiments for blood, efficacy, biochemistry, and morphology thus conducted, no acute, sub-acute, or chronic toxicity whatsoever, has been found.

The ingredients in the caps are:

Tribulus Terrestris - Proven effective in enhancing energy and vitality. Also known to increase sexual desire and performance in the reproductive system.

Tongkat Ali - Very potent aphrodisiac, also known to increase testosterone levels and enhance stamina and endurance.

Cornel Offcinalis - Adjusts the function of the adrenal gland, thereby influencing the sexual functions of the body.

Wild Yam (Dioscorea Villosa) - Well-known for relaxing muscles and reducing inflammations.

Cordyceps Sinesis - A powerful aphrodisiac known for increasing energy levels, building body strength, and intensifying male hormones.

Poria Cocos (Fu Ling) - Known for its cardiotonic effects on the body.

Mulberry - A nourishing tonic medicine that can be broadly used to help symptoms such as anemia, dizziness, and low libido.

Lycium - Widely used to enrich the lower body muscles, helping to correct sexual deficiencies. It is also believed to strengthen the legs, improve vision, and increase sexual energy.

Longan Aril - A tonifier of the heart, also known to calm the mind.

L-Citrulline - Known more to help speed recovery from fatigue, but also used to aid blood flow throughout the body.

Cnidium Monnier Osthole - It is found to help relax the corpus cavernosa of the penis, which would potentially help with blood flow and erections. Also used as a natural sex booster.

Panax Ginseng - Found to be most suitable in males to strengthen, rejuvenate, and vitalize the entire body.

Cordyceps Sinensis - Believed to build endurance and increase energy.

As there are commercial sexual stimulants on the market that contain drugs and which have been shown to have some side effects, MaxMan felt that a totally naturally based product was the ideal solution.

Take one cap together with one small pill (increase energy) in the same small bag 45 minutes prior to activity with a cup of warm water. Do not repeat within 72 hours.

Order MaxMan today and CHARGE UP YOUR SEX LIFE!

10 caps/box for only $39.99.

Free trial for one cap only for $3.99 S/H.

Caution:People who have serious medical problems such as heart problems, hypertension and pregnant women should consulte their physicians when take any sexual stimulantes including this product.