Lotusbeauti - Acne Cleansing Formula
Lotusbeauti - Acne Cleansing Formula
Lotusbeauti - Acne Cleansing Formula
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Product Description
Lotusbeauti (Acne Cleansing Formula) is formulated by the American scientists, using an anti-toxin element extracted from a rare plant, harvested from unpolluted mountain region. It may help penetrate pores to calm and soothe problem flare-ups and acne inflammation.

Ingredients: Rosarugosa Thunb Extract¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­.....10% 1, 2 Propanediol¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­.10% Water¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­..10% Alcohol¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­...70%

Directions: Apply the cleanser with cotton swab; lightly massage on pimples prone and acne areas, 2-4 times daily.

Cautions: 1. Avoid contacting with the eye area. In case of accidentally contact with eyes, rinse with clean water immediately. 2. Stop use if skin allergic reactions appeared. 3. Store at room temperature, close bottle tightly.