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This product is formulated by well-known U.S. hepatologists, biologists and botanists who spent over six years on research and experiments. To ensure high quality, the most cutting-edge techniques derived from modern biotechnology researches are utilized to activate biological agents from American auricularia and blend them with active principles of many plants to produce LIVER PURIFIER 5. This product aids in dissolving the excessive fat (lipid) in the liver and other parts of the body.

48 Caps/Box, take 2 caps each time, three times a day with warm water before meal. ˇˇ

Questions and Answers

Based on the statistics of World Health Organization (WHO), some 500 million people worldwide are carriers of hepatitis B virus, about 10% of which will eventually cause liver cirrhosis or liver cancer. When infection with hepatitis is not given timely treatment and metamorphoses into liver cirrhosis or liver cancer, all is reduced to nothing irrespective of one¡¦s social stature or material wealth. Also gone is many years of arduous effort and achievement. For those people suffering from hepatitis B or C, it is as though a ¡ˇěticking time bomb¡inside their body and is constantly threatening their lives. They all eagerly look forward to the discovery of an efficacious medication or herbal supplement that will help relieve them of the agonizing torment hepatitis virus has long subjected them to. Fortunately, six years of concerted effort by over 100 specialists, biologists, botanists and high-tech professionals has resulted in the successful formulation of Liver Purifier, an herbal supplement that is made from active immune elements extracted from plants by utilizing state-of-the-art bioengineering technology. The advent of this efficacious liver-protecting product has become an international sensation, and it has brought new hopes for hepatitis B or C patients.

What Special Effective Ingredients Does Liver Purifier Have for Liver Protection?

Wild ginseng is the king of plants, and it is a perfect agent for reinvigorating the physical functions of the body. As it has the capability of awakening the inactive energy of human cells, its value and functions are unequalled by any other plant. In the active polysaccharide and protein extracted from wild ginseng, the total content of ginsenoside is as high as 26.64%, in which the content of liver-protecting ingredients such as Rb1 (12%), Rb2 (0.63%), Rc (2.16%) Rd (1.01%) and Re (5%) is much higher than that contained in cultivated ginseng.

Flower pollen is the male seed of flowers, which enables flowering plants to reproduce. A pollen polysaccharide extracted from a special pollution-free plant petal in Switzerland contains many active ingredients, including over twenty types of amino acid, vitamins, minerals, phytosterols and other vital elements, which help swiftly replenish nutrients for the liver, reinvigorate liver cells and contribute to the regeneration of impaired liver cells. It has a nutritional value unmatched by the ordinary pollens.

Luly is the one and only powerful detoxifying agent in the world that is extracted from plants, with each gram of it containing over 50,000 units of active toxin-resistant elements. It may help speedily cleansing the toxins in the liver organ. Has the Efficacy of Liver Purifier Been Proven by Authoritative Medical Experiment?

The animal study of Effects of Liver Purifier Herbal Formulation on liver injury in rats produced by acute acetaminophen and/or alcohol ingestion¡ˇ§ conducted by renowned medical research center in Washington D.C. has proved Liver Purifier effectiveness and no side effects were seen in the study.

How Is Liver Purifier Different From Other Liver-protecting products?

Of all the liver-protecting products, Liver Purifier is the only one that comes with two different kinds of capsules in one package: one may help to cleansing the toxins in the liver and transforming the virus from positive into negative the other one may be helpful for the regeneration of impaired cells. It is also the only product the Pharmaceutical Research Center in Washington D.C. has proven to be efficacious for liver protection through experiments on animals. In the meantime, Liver Purifier is the most preeminent liver-protecting product comparing to other products of the same category. It has been patented and has its own trademark (No. 2459607). The seal for each package has a unique digital laser trademark to prevent counterfeiting.

The Scope Liver Purifier 1 may be helpful for:

Discomfort in the liver, abnormal liver functions (SGOT, SGPT), bitterness or dryness in the mouth, or who get tired easily.

Those who stay up late, have effulgent gallbladder fire and red-wed filled eyes, use alcohol, experience excessive stress, suffer side effects from taking medication or live in pollution-affected areas.

Those people who suffer discomfort in the eye from frequent use of computers or whose eyesight is deteriorating.

Those who experience fatigue from sex life or work.

Those who have a weak immune system, or who are susceptible to cold or are enfeebled and suffering from a variety of physical ailments. Is Intake of Multivitamin Necessary During the Time Liver Purifier 1 Is Being Taken?

The flower pollen used in this product contains rich vitamins, so it is unnecessary to take other vitamins. In the meantime, the petals in the white capsules of this product contain vitamin B2, so it is normal to have yellow-colored urination in the course of taking this product.

The Scope Liver Purifier 3 May Be Helpful For:

This product may be helpful for healthy carriers of hepatitis B or C viruses (i.e. those who carry positive surface antigens but have normal liver functioning. It may also be helpful for improving such conditions as liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

The Common Symptoms of the carriers of Hepatitis B or C Viruses May Have: Easy fatigue, swelling pain in the right belly, and faint pain

Yellowing color on the face, skin and in the urine

Poor sleep, excessive dreaming, bitterness or dryness in the mouth

Abnormal liver functions, and increase in SGOT and SGPT

Poor appetite and irregular stools

Black flecks in the skin and spider moles in the neck and face

Irritability and inexplicable itches in the skin

Easy gum bleeding and weakening of eyesight and sexual desire. Which Type of Liver Purifier to Take When One Has the Above-mentioned Symptoms But Are Not Suffering From Hepatitis?

After many years of work, not to say pollution in the air and water, preservatives, coloring and remnants of pesticides in the food, fatigue caused by work and sex life, staying up late, use of alcohol and side effects from taking medication, the liver is vulnerable to damages all the time. Whereas one is not suffering from hepatitis, the weakening of energy level, eyesight, digestive system, stamina and sexual desire are all related to the liver.Therefore, if you want to maintain the health of your liver, please take Liver Purifier 1.

Which Type of Liver Purifier to Take When One is a carrier of Hepatitis B or C and Has High SGOT and SGPT Figures?

Those who suffer abnormal liver functioning should take Liver Purifier 1 first. When the liver functions have returned to normal, and then take Liver Purifier 3.

Test Result for the Anti-fatigue Capability of Liver Purifier 1 White Capsule.

Of 20 little white mice weighing from 18-22 grams, 10 were chosen to take the white capsules of Liver Purifier1 for a period of 30 days. Then they were put to a swimming experiment. It turned out that the stamina of those mice that had taken the white capsules had increased by 45%. The experiment has proven that the white capsules of Liver Purifier 1 have the effect of fighting fatigue and improving physical condition.

Can Liver Purifier Be Taken Together With Medications for Gastric Ailments, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Heart Diseases? Will It Have Any Effect on the Pathological Conditions?

Yes, Liver Purifier may be also helpful for gastric ailments, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases. It is preferable, though, that the medications be taken separately. Liver Purifier should be taken one hour after the intake of other medications, or doctor¡¦s advice should be sought.

How Effective Is Liver Purifier?

As to how long it takes before any effect occurs, it depends on the pathological condition, age and physical condition, as well as on whether instructions have been closely followed in the course of using this product. For conditions such as liver problems, or virus-induced fatigue, bitterness/dryness in the mouth, poor appetite or poor sleep, it takes about ten days for improvement of condition to occur. Liver Purifier 1: Those who have symptoms of abnormal liver functioning should follow through one to two sessions, with each session lasting two months. Liver Purifier 3: carriers of hepatitis virus B or C should take this product continuously for six months. When the session has been completed, the majority of the people may see satisfactory result. The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

* The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.