Q: What is BioGate USA?

A: BioGate USA is Washington registered company of Health Food, Nutritional Supplement, and Cosmetics products. The company is dedicated to providing its customers high quality products, prompt services and fast turnaround. All of our products meet strict government standards, and NNFA requirements.

BioGate offers a complete format of finished products to consumers. Its products receives tremendous feedback due to its unique and effective formulation. Using the finest materials available also enables the products to maintain high quality level. All the above establishes the company as the best seller in the market.

Q: What does 100% satisfactory guarantee offer?

A: At BioGate USA, we want to offer you top quality products at affordable prices. If you feel dissatisfied with the quality of our products, simply return the products within 30 days of the purchase, we'll give you the full refund. To qualify for the refund, you'll have to mail us proof of purchase and the products should be without damage.

Q: Is the transaction secure?

A: We work with Paypal to make sure your transaction will be secure.

Q: Do you accept check?

A: Yes, We do accept all major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discovery cards, as well as check.

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A: We'll start to fill order once we receive your order and we'll ship the order within ONE business day. The actual time for the order to be delievered to your address depends on the delievery method you chose.

Q: What's the coverage of shipment?

A: We guarantee our customes that the shipping and handling is free. Right now it's limited to continental US.

Q: How much is the shipping & handling fee?

A: Noramlly we charge it based on the total of the order, the volume of the order, or the weight of the order for certain items.

Q: Can I return the product any time?

A: You'll have 30 days to decide if you'll keep the products. We'll not refund your money if it's more than 30 days after the purchase.

Q: How do I return the product if there is a problem?

A: If it is manufacture defect or damage during the shipping, you can return it for refund or replacement as soon as we receive the returned products and purchase proof. However, you'll be responsible for the shipping and handling fee. When return, a confirmation is needed to secure the delivery.

Q: What kind of feedback we always get from our customers? A: Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating:Excellent Shipping Options Rating:Excellent Delivery Rating:Excellent Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent Customer Service Rating:Excellent Rating: Excellent

One of many customers' comment:

Body:Very satisfied with the product and shipping was super fast! Thank you!


1.Does Slim 30 & Ei Ta Mei Slim Fast cause side effects such as polycardia or tachycardia ?

The old generation weight loss herbal formula contains ma huang (Ephedra sinica) which has ephedrine and pseudoephedrine that may cause somebody polycardia or tachycardia. Ma Huang (Ephedra sinica) has been baned from weight loss herbal fromula in U.S.A. This is new generation weight loss formula that has not included ma huang (Ephedra sinica). It will not cause polycardia and tachycardia.

2.Does Slim 30 & Ei Ta Mei Slim Fast cause diarrhea ?

Absolutly not. Although pure Sickle Pod Senna in Ei Ta Mei has laxative action and pure Sacred Lotus Leaf sooths the fetus, but Oyster Shell has the opposite action of them, so the combination action of all the ingredients of Slim 30 & Ei Ta Mei will not cause diarrhea.

3. Does Slim 30 & EI Ta Mei Slim Fast cause harm to kidneys?

Absolutly not. Slim 30 & Ei Ta Mei is made of four kinds of Chinese nontoxic natural herbs, such as Chinese Hawhorn, Sickle Pod Senna, Oyster Shell and Sacred Lotus Leaf. The combination of those herbs is very safe without any harm to kindeys.

4.Is Sickle-Pod Senna Seed toxic?

Sickle-Pod Senna Seed in Slim-30 and Ei Ta Mei is not toxic. Senna is a large genus of flower plants in the family Fabaceae. The number of species is usually estimated to be about 260. In Slim-30 and Ei Ta Mei, the species of Sick-Pod Senna is Semen Cassiae Tora (Latin). Chinese call it Jue Ming Zi. It is not toxic and has been used as Chinese Traditional Medicine for thousands of years. It is different from the species of Sickle-Pod Senna in North America. In North America, the species which is toxic to livestock is Semen Cassia Obtusifolia (Latin).

5. Will the lost weight bounce back after the ideal weight is reached ?

Once the ideal weight is reached, you only need to take one capsule every 2 or 3 days or do not need pill any more. Usually people's stomachs become smaller after eating less in one month, feel full easier and formed an new diet habit. Keeping the new habit--do not over eating food.

6. How to keep slim without any pills?

Develop a health diet habit. Eat lower glycemic index foods, keeping metabolism high. Less meat, less starch, more fruit, more nuts, more vegetables, more whole grains. How to Diet the Easy Way

7. Do not drastically cut calories. Do not drink your calories. Drink ice tea or water. Keep healthy snacks that satisfy your cravings close by. Snacks Under 100 Calories--> The Link by edite Staff

8. Is exercise good for weight loss ? Yes, under moderate eating, exercise is always good for people to lose more weight.

9.What does Ei Ta Mei Slim Fast differ from Silm-30 ? Both of them contain Chinese Hawthron Fruit 35mg, Sickle-pod Senna Seed 30 mg, Oyster Shell 50mg and Sacred lotus leaf 20 mg. The coustomers who have used these two products say that both are very much same.


Slim 30 & Ei Ta Mei follows the double weight loss concept - burning fat while controlling calorie-intake by reducing the sensation of hunger. Dietary consumption is always the primary reason for why a person gains weight; after taking Slim 30 & Ei Ta mei you will not feel tempted to take that ice cream.

Burning excess fat

Slim30 & Ei Ta Mei acts by inhibiting the uptake of noradrenaline and prompting adrenaline receptor, ultimately increasing the brown adipose tissue energy consumption. A large number of clinical trials have proven that the fat metabolism rate can increase many times after taking Slim 30 & Ei Ta Mei Slim Fast.

Control calorie intake

Slim 30 & Ei Ta Mei controls calorie intake by reducing hunger through inhibiting 5-HT re-uptake. It does not affect the normal human intake of essential nutrients in the body to meet the physical needs.

TAKING Slim 30 & EI TA MEI Slim Fast

Drink at lease 50 FL oZ.(three bottles) of water daily, and consume much vegetable, fruits and less meat and starch. You only need one capsule a day and do not experience any of the following symptoms, such as diarrhea, increase of heart beat, weight rebound etc.

80% of Slim 30 & Ei Ta Mei Slim Fast users can lose 5 - 6% in 30 days. 10% of Slim 30 & Ei Ta Mei Slim Fast users can even lose up to 10% in 30 days. 10% of Slim 30 & Ei Ta Mei Slim Fast userslose at least 2-3% in 30 days.

Who can use it?

People who are over weight caused by great appetite.

Caution: Do not take this product if your blood pressure is low or uncontrollably high. Do not take this product if you have constipation problem. We suggest to take more vegetables or Vegemax supplement for relief.

Slim-30 & Ei Ta Mei Slim Fast Review from buyers

This product WORKS! By Lida Robert (Dallas, TX)

I took Ei Ta Mei Slim Fast a month and lost 25 pounds. My friend noticed it and told me "Your Pants become sag." I do give up sweet soda, but drink a lot water and tea, eat fruits and vegetables every day. I still look slim even though I stop taking Ei Ta Mi. I really like this product.

Excellent for weight loss and belly fat By Lucy VanPelt

I've been taking Slim-30 since the middle of February 07 and have lost 32 lbs. This definitely works, because you really and truly do not feel you need that extra something after a meal. No more cravings for chocolate or other sweets. You must drink the recommended water that the bottle tells you to drink, though.

I love Slim-30 & Ei Ta Mei Slim Fast By By Nai Stanley. I love a natural product! I tried both of them. They are very effective and lost over 30lbs in 4 months! All the ingredients are natural. It doesn't make me being weak nor make me me shaky like all theother products do. I give it 5 stars and beyond.

It is an excellent weight lost product. By Anne Zou (LA USA) I bought Ei Ta Me Slim Fast last week. I lost 6 lbs in one week. After taking Ei Ta Me Slim Fast, I do not crave for cookies. I have three meals a day, drinking a lot water, no more soft-drinks, having salmon or tuna, tomato and cucumber at dinner. Ei Ta Mei Slim Fast works for me. I feel great !