Ei Ta Mei (new Slim 30, in stock)
Ei Ta  Mei (new Slim 30, in stock)
Ei Ta Mei (new Slim 30, in stock)
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Product Description
Ei Ta Mei (Slim-30) follows the double weight loss concept - help burning fat & controlling calorie intake.

Ei Ta Mei is an improved herbal supplement based on Slim 30 Natural Herb for Weight Loss. With all the features of Slim 30, it provides the same robust and excellent results in just 30 days.

Only one capsule everyday

Absolutely No Side Effective

No Diarrhea

No Weight Rebound

No Need of Diet Restrictions

Maintain Your Skin Elasticity at the Same Time

Lose Weight in Just ONE Month

Slim-30 ("Ei Ta Mei") delivers quick and amazing results in just 30 Days!

You only need one capsule a day and do not experience any of the following symptoms, such as diarrhea, increase of heart beat, weight rebound. You can even maintain the beauty of your skin at the same time. Each bottle contains 30 capsules and can be used for 30 days, and you will see the real result just after taking one bottle. Just recall how many bottles you are required to use in order to see some results that other weight loss products promise!!!

The all-natural ingredients of this great product are Chinese Hawthorn, Sickle-pod Senna Seed, Oyster Shell, and Sacred Lotus Leaf. There are absolutely NO side effects!

Slim 30 ("Ei Ta Mei") - Natural Herb for Weight Loss targets certain body areas and improves body shape. Beautiful curve is not a dream anymore when this product constantly targets your neck, abdomen, waist and hip areas.

Slim-30 ( "Ei Ta Mei") follows the double weight loss concept - help burning fat, controlling calorie intake. Slim-30 ("Ei Ta Mei") can improve the ability of energy consumption and enhance the metabolic processes of adipose cells. Also, it can help reduce your hungry feeling, but does not affect the intake of necessary nutrition materials. Eating is always the No. 1 reason when you are getting fat. When Slim 30 ( "Ei Ta Mei") effectively help you control your calorie intake, your basic nutrition requirements are still satisfied. You would not feel any pain when you refuse to eat the second cup of ice cream!

How to Use Slim 30 ("Ei Ta Mei" natural Herb for Weight Loss?

Take one capsule in the morning with warm water before breakfast. Please drink at least 50 fl. oz water daily and eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can. Do not take Slim-30 if your blood pressures are unusually low. People with uncontrollable high blood pressures should consult with their physicians before using this product. Do not take Slim-30 ( "Ei Ta Mei") product if your constipation problems are not solved. People who feel a little bit uncomfortable after excretion should eat some desserts such as cakes, cookies or fruits.

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